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[Homemade Taro Desserts]_Method of Making_Methods

[Homemade Taro Desserts]_Method of Making_Methods

Taro round dessert is a kind of dessert food made from taro and purple sweet potato. It has a smooth and sweet taste, rich in nutritional value, and the method is very simple. It is very popular with the public.Different tastes, regular eating is very good for the body. You can prepare taro, purple potatoes and cassava flour, add coconut milk and caster sugar to the pot, and the taste is sweet.

What is the practice of making taro round desserts?

Taro round sugar water “ingredients” taro 200 g purple potato 200 g sweet potato 200 g cassava starch 300 g honey red bean amount honey or condensed milk amount sago milk or coconut milk amountCut into pieces.

Then wrap each with tin foil, and steam in a steamer for 15 minutes until cooked.

2. Put purple potatoes, sweet potatoes, and taro in fresh-keeping bags, and beat them into mud with a rolling pin.

3. Add some cassava flour to the taro paste while it is still hot.

You can use chopsticks at the beginning, because it is wet and sticky, add cassava flour several times, and add flour once it is completely dry.

The amount of tapioca flour is about half of each ingredient, 200 grams of taro puree, and 100 grams of tapioca flour.

It may not be used, or it may not be enough.

Here sweet potato mash uses more than 100 grams of cassava flour, purple potatoes 90 grams, taro almost 100 grams.

According to the actual operation of each person, 100 grams can be referenced.

4. Knead the purple potato puree, sweet potato puree, and taro puree into a ball. The dough does not stick to the elasticity of the hands. If you feel wet, you can add some tapioca flour or glutinous rice flour.

If the mud is a bit dry (some purple potatoes), you can add a little hot water while kneading, remember to add it in portions, do not add too much at a time.

5. Take a part of the mud and rub it into thin strips, cut into small pieces.

6, rub the three colors of taro round, sprinkle a little cassava flour to prevent sticking.

7, boil a pot of water, add one serving of taro balls, and gently scatter with a spoon.

The water boiled again, and the taro balls floated on the surface and boiled for another minute.

The three colors can be cooked separately to avoid cross-coloring. It is also good to cook them together without cross-coloring.

8, immediately remove the taro round into cold water.

Water three or four times until the taro balls are completely cool, so the taro balls will taste more Q-elastic.

9, boil a pot of water, add more water, pour the sago into the water, cook for 15 minutes on high heat, cook until there is only a small white point inside the sago, turn off the heat, and cover with simmer for a while.

If sago is not completely transparent for a while, you can continue to boil it, then cover it again, and repeat the operation twice to make sure it is completely transparent.

The cooked sago is cold in cold water, so the sago taste is delicious.

10. Take a small bowl and put in sago and taro balls. Pour in milk, honey, and sprinkle with honey and red beans.

You can also cook red bean soup and spoon it into taro balls, which is also delicious.

The delicious taro balls are ready