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Four boudoir secrets that must be done after the climax

Four boudoir secrets that must be done after the climax

Many lover know how to sway and squeak the mattress with violent moments in the moment of love, but they may not understand how to keep the heat of the fish and waters “insulated” after the climax.

The continuation of sex – cuddling, chatting, playing, or fighting again, is a coup to enhance intimacy.

There are all kinds of gameplay before the official battle. At best, it is just to help you float to the Nine Miles in the bed.

But what should I do after sex?

This is ignored by most people.

Here are four great squatting secrets, and you don’t have to hinder your personal experience – what can be different after the climax.

  闺房密招一: Feel the breath of each other to face reality!

Although the man will not confess to the ecstasy of flirting caressing, this does not mean that he does not like to lie comfortably on your side, and to stay with you all night.

So, even if your man is doing something, he always has a desire to die, and the appearance of a weak, maintaining a certain degree of physical contact will actually continue his satisfaction.

When he returns from the excitement of ejaculation orgasm, you can begin to plan your body by flirting and caressing: use your predecessor to close his back and let him go from hip to toe.It slightly causes you to exquisite curves; because you can also use your nails to gently slide back and forth between his wrist and elbow; or gently stroke his hair with his hand; you can also kiss his temples, palmsIt’s easy to ignore the overlap, as long as your movements are gentle and comfortable, and you don’t have to react to the other person to have a fierce reaction!

  Extra points, even if he likes to embrace you after finishing the work, still have to pay attention to maintain a comfortable posture, don’t get rid of the numbness of both of them.

When you slowly cool down in the arms of the other person, whispering to him is so uncomfortable.

  闺房密招二: Open childhood childhood After the climax, sometimes you do not need to use any physical contact, that is, you can tie your heart tightly, because there is no expected mentality at this time, so chat in bedIt becomes the best way to increase mutual understanding and intimacy without stress.

But this is not a serious time, or a good time to criticize the boyfriend’s bed time, and other more appropriate moments can solve the problem of discussing the relationship between the two.

Use this moment to create intimacy, not oppression.

If you want to make the conversation between the two more teasing, try to do this: describe in detail the tricks that you haven’t tried with him, but can’t wait to play with him next time.

Maybe that “next time” will become an unforgettable experience for both of you!

  Do you have a hard time to add points?

Don’t be shy!

Tell him how tall you have been.

  Xiao Bian: Do you like to hear him say lingering love?

However, have you ever thought that he also needs to listen to the sweet words you said?

Men are also auditory animals. If you have some words, you must tell them.

Here are the 26 most effective love words we have summarized: men like to listen.

But you are smart, you will be adapted to the local conditions, because of the situation, because of the situation, the situation will be integrated, and you will find more and more sweet words that are more suitable for the men who speak to you.

  闺房密招三: Play a little intimate gadgets, do you have a hundred times more spirit after making love?

If you have excess energy but don’t plan to play it again, it will not hinder a passionate game, but also bring the intimacy of the two to a higher level.

You can play with him in the “Bubble Bath and Sexual Wars” so intensely resisting the feeling of making love for the second time.

If you don’t have ready-made soapy water on hand like most people, there are many other ways to vent your excess energy.

For example, add a layer of sandalwood oil to the bathtub, ask him to take a bath with you, or play a pillow, or put some music to dance naked.

If it is not enough, go to the kitchen to play more lyrical: feed him a juicy and juicy strawberry, and look at his eyes with a deep affection, as long as the man will feel excited.

You can even improvise a “Love You for a Nine Weeks and a Half”: cover his eyes, tease his taste buds, let him guess what you are feeding him, if he has to play some games, he will be excited.Try this itching.

However, if your man is ashamed of itching, you better stop.

  闺房密招四: Keeping up and sometimes ending is just the beginning of another round.

Even the first round is great enough, and the second round can be equally interesting.

You may wish to present a different visual style to renovate the pattern: let him dance for a dance, let him watch you twist the side and put on a sexy lace bra, underwear, and provoke his desire to pull those things off you.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have these items. You can make it itch when you open the button jersey in front of a single piece.

If this trick does not work, let him marry your female ability, straight to his perineal point (the position of the perineum point in the center of the scrotum and anus).Gently massage and caress this part of the inch, stimulate blood circulation, and ensure that he is a good point in an instant. The expert said solemnly, don’t rush on when he is not ready yet.Expand the second round.

Young people in their twenties usually have to rest for five to fifteen minutes before they can erect.

Let him add a fire, you sink, ready to meet more moves that make you ecstasy.

  Caress your lace and looks for a lost dream.