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Healthy diet for dieting

Healthy diet for dieting


Buying a digital scale makes it seem simple.

I recommend buying one to the nearest 0 before starting to lose weight.

2 digital scales (ie 2% pounds).

I will explain why below.

I also recommend, either to buy your electronic scale to record your daily weight, or to write down your weight every day.


Sticking to the weight every day, you will find that almost every weight-loss person will tell you that you only need to weigh the weight once a week.

I suggest the opposite.

Because I am facing success, I am happy to see the results of daily (weight loss).

I recommend buying to the nearest zero.

The electronic scale of 2 is because if the previous day weighed 170.

8 pounds and the next day is 170.

At 0 pounds, there is a big difference between the two.

You can lose 0 in one day.

8 pounds is great.

  However, if your scale is not so accurate, after eating a whole day of healthy food plus a desperate workout, if the next day’s display is still 170 pounds, you will feel quite discouraged.

A precise scale allows you to maintain a more positive attitude towards weight loss.

Good grades, clear weight loss figures every day, weight loss is easier.


The suggestion to drink 8 glasses of water a day is familiar, but it is for this reason that the reasons I recommend are different.

Drinking 8 glasses of water a day can help you “not feel hungry.”

“I can’t prove this with scientific means, but when I am at work, I usually drink 4 cups in the morning and 4 cups.”

On some days when I don’t drink water, I always feel hungry very quickly.

Moreover, on some days when I don’t drink water, I feel sleepy early on.

Don’t be intimidated by the number of 8 glasses of water.

Try my approach: I have a pint glass at work where the capacity is about 16 inches (just like all a pint glass).

All I have to do is drink two glasses in the morning and two in the afternoon.


Let others know that you are losing weight and tell everyone that you are losing weight.

There is no need to be ashamed of losing weight.

I have found that it is more difficult to make weight loss more secret than telling others.

In fact, telling your colleagues about loss, girlfriend, family, etc. will increase your sense of responsibility.

It always reminds me: my colleagues and family know that I am losing weight, and I don’t want to live up to them.

I also selected some of the expected “weight trends” and put them on my fridge, in the room and inside.

I hope that changes in weight can keep reminding myself.

I know this is a cliché, but it reminds me that it is still very important to reach the ultimate goal.

  I think I should also remind everyone to keep this in mind. When I was over 50 pounds, I told people that I was on a diet, but they all said to me: “You don’t need to lose weight at all.”This surprised me because I was obviously overweight.

Be aware that you may hear similar comments.

I found that accepting their “compliment” is easier than trying to prove that I am on a diet.

Remember, you are losing weight for yourself, so you don’t need to prove anything to others.


Not dieting on weekends is another unconventional suggestion.

Even if I don’t have a big diet on the weekend, I can lose 50 pounds.

I found that if I let the diet continue to the weekend, I will feel tired, depressed, and even listless.

I think Friday and Saturday (my work schedule) is used to celebrate the success of the first five days of dieting.

  You may feel that this is not necessary, especially during the first few weeks of weight loss.

However, on the past few Tuesdays, the weekend has become a weekly success day for me, and I am also prepared for the next week’s weight loss.

I think this is a spiritual charge.


Don’t sacrifice your life for a diet. Sometimes you find yourself at a level that doesn’t reach a healthy diet.

Whether or not you are having a working lunch with a team, having a birthday, or on a special occasion, there is always something like this that prevents you from eating healthy.

Even if you have to sacrifice for something in your life, losing weight must be a top priority.

The response I made was to exchange for a day when the weekend was not dieting.

On the contrary, if I didn’t diet on Tuesday, some of them can be replaced by Saturday.


It’s a pretty common secret to always make small changes, but my new tricks are.

You don’t have to give up anything you give up (soda, coffee, beer, caffeine, etc.) as recommended by people who lose weight, as long as they have a healthier determination.

  I don’t want to give up anything, so I decided to replace it with some changes.

The first change is that I am now changing to lose weight soda.

Don’t worry, you are quickly used to this taste.

In the days before I started to lose weight, I swear I would never drink soda.

Now, thanks to my girlfriend, slimming soda is the only carbonated drink I drink.

The second change I made was to change black coffee from then on.

  Without cream and sugar, you will realize its benefits because you don’t have calories.

The last big change was that I changed to a “healthy” beer.

I often drink Miller’s refreshing beer. However, by accidentally drinking Baker’s pure health (60 calories per bottle), I can still enjoy a healthy social life while maintaining my weight loss plan.

  In addition to making a small diet in the weight loss program, let your life have a little change: stop the car farther, walk to the end of the platform, take the last carriage, and swear that you will not take the elevator for a whole week.

I also realized that I realized the pedometer and tried to challenge the benefits of being able to walk all day.

I went 6 on the farthest day.

5 miles.

I also took the initiative to go to work twice a month.


Understanding your weight loss process from multiple angles is just an incredible part of your life.

Suppose your life span is 80 years old. It takes only four months to lose weight, which is zero in your life.


In other words, 4 months of dieting and losing weight is only less than half of your life.
At the same time, think about it, you only use this 0.
42% of the life is a lot of benefits.

If this can help you stay motivated to lose weight, start the 120-day countdown now.


Reasonable exercise, especially taking time to go to the gym is still very troublesome.

But doing half an hour of practice only accounts for 2% of your day, assuming 24 hours a day (nonsense).

For me, the idea that motivates me the most is to compare the time spent exercising and soaking in soap operas.

As a fat fan of “everyone loves Raymond” (a film about a spoof spoof), every time I want to sit down and watch a episode, I will remind myself: in this half hour, I am sitting.Do nothing or do the daily exercises.


Set a dangerous weight Once you have successfully lost the predetermined weight, you need to maintain your current weight.

This is why you set the dangerous weight.

You must choose a weight and swear that it will never exceed it.

It is normal to have a 5 to 10 pound weight fluctuation.

I suggest that you choose a weight that is about ten pounds higher than what you normally would and does not exceed this weight.

Setting a dangerous weight allows me to maintain a weight per pound for a year.