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Lazy fitness 29 strokes let you move

Lazy fitness 29 strokes let you move

Jogging, gymnastics, you don’t like it, javelin, long jump, you are not good at it, but you can’t give up the sport!

The sport that can be done anytime and anywhere chooses the stairs forever: Don’t aim at the elevator or the escalator. If you want to have a strong gangway, climb the stairs with your toes.

Straighten your back: you can use the muscles of your buttocks and abdomen, and keep your posture beautiful. Why not take a quick walk: you can consume about 500 calories in 100 minutes, which is always hotter than 7 hours and 10 minutes in a row.Is it easy to dress?

Because both consume your 500 card capacity.

Contracting the buttocks muscles: Repeat this movement several times a day. The so-called thigh dancers rely on this trick to tighten the head lines.

Always wear high heels and sneakers: This will train all the muscles in the calf.

Stop the car a bit: you must walk at least two minutes to get to your destination.

Don’t bother with trouble, walking is good for you.

When you carry the bag, the arm and body deliberately keep a distance: you can exercise the biceps and triceps by the way.

Dogs for at least 20 minutes: run with the dog, even throw the ball to let it go, so you can exercise your upper body muscles.

For the MRT, you will never stand still: this is the most basic norm and the simplest way to exercise.

I don’t participate in any compensation during the whole day of shopping on the street: I can let my eyes enjoy the window, and I have a lot of roads at my feet. It is worth trying.

I would rather bring two baskets without a cart: this is a great way to exercise your arm muscles while walking.

Don’t hang your arms when carrying a full shopping bag: bend your elbows so that your forearms are perpendicular to your body.

Put a small ball between the knees and clamp in the office: When we sit in front, do this exercise to exercise the internal muscles.

Receive your belly anytime, anywhere: remember to do at least 5 or 6 times a day.

Use the farthest copying machine: Even if your work has to be stuck in your seat all day, this will at least give you a few more steps.

Back against the wall, bent and bent, as if sitting in a chair: it is best to keep this position when talking to colleagues in the hallway.

Walking in the water when you are at the beach: water is colder and better, which can promote blood circulation.

Try to play as much as possible, but please do warm-up exercises first.

When you are with your family, ride a bicycle with your child: the child rides slowly and the speed is at most two kilometers, so it is not called to ride with them, but to run with them.

Lying in bed, lift the baby up and let go: the child is happy, you also exercise your arms by the way, fun and fun.

Doing housework at home: It’s simple to say that doing housework is actually a two-pronged campaign.

Use a vacuum cleaner, a window, a bathtub, etc. These exercises can exercise your muscles.

You can also try a method that can consume a little more energy, such as by attaching something to the handle of the window mop to increase the weight when you clean the window glass.

When using a vacuum cleaner, the contraction of the curved back is straight: this can exercise the thigh muscles without back pain.

All kinds of flowers and plants: Do not lean forward, always maintain a balance with a longitudinally curved kneeling position, and enjoy the fullness and fullness of exercise.

Hu Peng leads to dance: with energetic music, you can burn 8 per minute.

35 cards of static electricity.

Jump 30 times with your toes: This will make your feet thinner.

Holding a dumbbell in your hand: You can do this while watching TV.

Lying on the bed, hands resting behind your head, take a deep breath: use your mouth to exhale while trying to close the lower abdomen, which has great potential for the body.

When going to the toilet: Don’t sit down directly, keep a few centimeters from the cushion and keep your balance. You can exercise your thighs.

Make sure that the sport is not tired and laughs: The degeneration of burning a hundred sounds is as much as 10 minutes of paddling.

Take a deep breath: You can relieve abdominal pressure and avoid flatulence.