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The benefits of the fan are more cool and prevent disease

The benefits of the fan are more cool and prevent disease

With the improvement of people’s living standards, almost every family has electric fans or air conditioners, hand-cranked fan fans, banana fans and so on are mostly “off-the-job”.

In fact, in the hot summer days, if you often shake the fan, you can both cool off and exercise the disease.

Shaking off the shoulder inflammation: Shake the fan is a kind of upper limb movement that requires coordination of the fingers, wrists and local joint muscles.

When the heat is hot, the fan is often shaken. It is the exercise of the upper limb joint muscles, which can promote the blood circulation of the shoulder joint muscles, exercise the shoulder joints, and strengthen the strength and coordination of the shoulder joint muscle ligaments.

Shaking off mental disorders: Psychological research shows that people’s emotions, moods and behaviors are related to seasonal changes.

In the hot summer, many people will have mood swings, especially in the elderly, which are prone to emotional disorders.

Use a fan to relax, pay attention to the hands, keep a good mood, eliminate distracting and eliminate the stimulation of adverse factors, can improve the tolerance to the disease.

Invite three or five friends, sit down in the tree, talk about the heavens, and the mental depression can be swept away.

Stay away from heat strokes: Heat stroke is a common disease in the summer season.

The rocking fan is a kind of unilateral limb movement. In addition to exercising the joint muscles of the limbs, it can also exercise the contraction and diastolic function of the blood vessels of the brain.

The study found that most of the stroke patients were in the right hemisphere microvascular rupture, while the brain atrophy of many middle-aged and older people occurred in the left hemisphere.

This is because the average person has long been accustomed to using the right hand, and the left hand movement is reduced, resulting in more exercise in the left hemisphere and insufficient exercise in the right hemisphere.

Therefore, in the summer, the left hand fan should be consciously activated. By strengthening the left hand movement, the right brain can be activated, the position of the right limb and the body atrophy can be improved, and the elasticity of the right hemisphere blood vessels can be enhanced, and the occurrence of cerebrovascular diseases can be reduced.