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Popular office tableside yoga

Popular office “tableside yoga”

Every day you spend most of your time in front of the computer, shoulders, only the waist, etc., often hit your body, stretching your hands forward and putting your shoulders forward. Unbalanced movements naturally cause shoulders.The pain in the buttocks and meridians sometimes leads to diseases such as keyboard protrusion and migraine.

Let’s take a look at the office “deskside yoga”.

Tip movement This is the front end that can adjust the movement imbalance, promote the movement of the shoulder, the reset, the blood circulation of the head.

  Tilt the arms to parallel with the shoulders, while grasping the fists, expanding the elbows backwards, and then extending beyond the shoulders, repeating 20-30 times a day, the muscles are very comfortable.


The shoulders are swung to the left and right to flatten the shoulders to balance the left and right shoulders.

  Grab the left leg with your right hand and place your left hand to the back so that the upper body is rotated and rotated 3-5 times left and right.


The soothing soft vertebrae and replacement bones are placed in front, and each segment of the spine is very tired. This action can achieve soft spine and replacement, and promote blood circulation.

  Place the center of gravity on the left and back, and repeat the movement 20 times.


The stretched waist and shoulders stretch the curved waist and shoulders, promote metabolism, relieve fatigue, and make thinking clearer.

  Gently tilt your body down, don’t use too much force, just feel refreshed, repeat about 10 times.

The main action is to exercise the waist and prevent, pay attention to the body movements to be standardized.


When the platter is adjusted, the platter will become prominent and the waist will be affected.

  Place your hands on your lap and place the center of gravity on the left and right legs. This is the skeletal disc that is fully exercised and repeated 50 times a day.

  Place the center of gravity on the left and back, and repeat the movement 20 times.