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Laughter, longevity, depression, more susceptible

Laughter, longevity, depression, more susceptible

There is an old saying in China called “Leisure to worry”, which means that joke can relieve the heavy burden of thought and the pressure of the heart.

Therefore, it is quite appropriate for someone to compare laughter to medicine.

  As an important branch of modern medicine, the research of psychotherapy has developed rapidly in recent years, and there are many methods. Among them, humor therapy is an alternative and effective method, also called smile therapy.

The emotion of humorous laughter is very beneficial for relieving pain, and it is extremely beneficial to prolong life. Some people even think that “humour is half life of human beings”.

The famous British physicist Fara was a young man because of his work was too tight, so that his emotional worries were irritating, his work was extremely low and his body was weak. Long-term medical treatment was not effective.

Later, a famous doctor gave him a prescription for symptomatic treatment: “A clown enters the city and is better than a dozen doctors.

“Faraday carefully tasted the doctor’s words and finally understood the mystery.”

Since then, he often took time to watch burlesque and comedy, often happy to laugh.

A happy state of mind restored him to health.

  For a person, although laughter is a pleasant performance, laughter can also be a happy reason.

Someone has done experiments, smiles in the mirror, and feels happy, don’t believe you can try.

In the expression of human interaction, smile is very common and very important.

Some people say that for tired people, smile is a break, smile to people who are discouraged, it is dawn; for sad people, smile is sunshine; for troubled people, smile is the best antidote.

Smiles don’t cost, but create a lot of value.

Smile is a unique expression of human beings. It is a symbol of civilization and evolution.

  It is a worry compared to laughing.

According to statistics, in the digestive system diseases, 1/3 of patients suffer from bad mood and 3% in myocardial infarction, which indicates the danger of sorrow to people.

In addition, it can induce high blood pressure and menopausal diseases, which can make people’s emotions worse.

More seriously, sorrow will promote the formation and development of cancer organizations.

After extensive investigations, British experts pointed out that many patients with breast cancer and uterine cancer have a history of excessive sorrow and “onset”.

Western China’s mountainous areas have also reported “56 of patients with esophageal cancer.”

6% of people have anxiety, irritable negative emotions, and 52% have significant mental stimuli before the attack.

Dr. Henlite, a famous American psychologist, was implanted with coronary heart disease. He had a bad temper and often said: “My life will soon be buried in the hands of a bad guy who provokes me.”

“In a meeting, he suddenly died of high blood pressure in his anger.”

  There are many ways to eliminate sorrowful emotions. We often hear about “I want to open some things in my heart”, “open my mind”, “the heart is bigger”, “a happy mood”, etc., are the basic methods.

The great mentor, Marx, gave a good treatment prescription to those who are worried and worried. That is: there must be “a good mood.”