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What are the aspects of autumn health care?

Ten secrets, health, autumn

What are the aspects of autumn health care?
Ten secrets, health, autumn

Ten secrets to play in autumn and winter are not afraid of cold 1 Caution food melons and fruits in summer, although a large number of melons and fruits are not caused by spleen and stomach diseases, but have improved the gastrointestinal resistance, and then eat a lot of fruits after the fall, it is bound to be moreHelping the dampness damage the spleen and yang, the spleen and yang can not transport the wet water, diarrhea, diarrhea, stool and other acute and chronic chronic diseases will follow.

Therefore, after the fall, you should eat less fruits and vegetables, especially those with spleen and stomach deficiency.

2 Get up early, go to bed early, go to bed early to follow the collection of Yin Jing, get up early to Shu Dayang.

Modern studies have shown that early fall in the fall can reduce the chance of thrombosis; it is also important to prevent thrombosis by properly lying a few minutes before getting up and stretching.

3 Strengthening the exercise The autumn climate is getting colder, the clothes can’t be increased too much, and the body is intentionally frozen and frozen, causing some cold and cool exercises. This is also an important way to enhance the body’s ability to adapt to the cold winter weather.

It is a good time for exercise in the golden autumn season. In particular, you should pay attention to cold-resistant exercise, such as morning exercise, jogging, cold water bath, etc., in order to improve the resistance to disease.

4 After adjusting the spleen and stomach, you should try to eat cold food or eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, especially those with spleen and stomach deficiency.

At the turn of summer and autumn, conditioning the spleen and stomach should focus on heat, spleen, eat less meals, eat more cooked, soft appetizer, easy to digest food.

Eat less spicy and irritating greasy foods, autumn conditioning must pay attention to clearing the fire in the stomach, so that the body’s damp heat evils are discharged from the urine, until the stomach fires back and then tonic.

5 The standard of healthy eating autumn should be based on the principle of nourishing Yin and moistening the lungs.

Old and weak stomach, you can use morning porridge method to benefit stomach and stomach, such as lily lotus porridge, white fungus sugar glutinous rice porridge, almond Chuanbei glutinous rice porridge, black sesame porridge and so on.

In addition, you should also eat more sour fruits and vegetables, eat less spicy food, which is very beneficial to protect the liver and lungs.

6 pay attention to the dry weather in autumn and fall, pay attention to nourishing Yin in autumn health.

Yang Yin: First, drink plenty of water to supplement the lost water in summer.

Second, more grounding gas, in the fall we have to walk into the embrace of nature, walk the fields, parks, which all help to nourish the Yin.

Third, avoid sweating.

Too much sweat will damage the “yin” of the human body, so the autumn exercise should be moderate.

7 timely tonic often said: “autumn tonic, winter to fight tiger”, but when paying attention should pay attention to not disease-free tonic and virtual reality.

The principle of treatment of traditional Chinese medicine is supplemented by the virtual ones. It is not appropriate for patients with deficiency syndrome to use tonic.

False illnesses have yin deficiency, yang deficiency, qi deficiency, and blood deficiency. It is necessary to take medicine for symptomatic treatment, otherwise it will be counterproductive.

Also pay attention to the amount of tonic, avoid taking medicine to replace food, and promote food supplement.

In the autumn, the food supplement is mainly based on nourishing yin and moistening, such as black-bone chicken, pig lung, turtle meat, bird’s nest, white fungus, honey, sesame, walnut, alfalfa, autumn pear and so on.

These foods are compatible with traditional Chinese medicines and are more effective.

8 prevention of autumn dry autumn too much rain, the weather is dry, the human body is prone to false fire on the “autumn dry”, Chinese medicine believes that dry and easy to hurt the lungs, autumn gas and the human body’s lungs, lungs are too strong, easily lead to the body’s lack of fluidThere is a “dryness” in which there is little loss of fluid, and some skin is dry and coughing.

Anti-autumn dry, focus on diet conditioning, appropriate food selection of some foods that can moisten the lungs and dryness, nourishing yin and fluid, such as pears, sugar cane, alfalfa, lily, white fungus.

9 prevention of the lack of the sayings of the fall of the saying “good spring sleepy lack”.

The lack of autumn is a protective response to compensate for the abnormal consumption of the human body in the summer, often manifested as burnout, fatigue, lack of energy and so on.

The best way to prevent autumn is to exercise properly, but pay attention to step by step; keep enough sleep, but also prevent autumn.

10 to prevent colds and colds in the fall, to prevent colds, first of all, according to temperature changes, clothes should be increased or decreased, especially for the elderly; secondly, the indoor air conditioning temperature should not be too low, generally at 25 ° C?
27 ° C is best.

Autumn is a period of high incidence of diseases. If you encounter a disease, you must seek medical advice in time to avoid delaying your illness.