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Old people should eat red clothes carefully to avoid peanuts.

Old people should eat “red clothes” carefully to avoid peanuts.

Core Tip: For people with high blood viscosity, eating peanut red will increase the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. It is best to peel off the skin when eating peanuts.
  Peanuts have the functions of lowering cholesterol, delaying aging, and preventing cardiovascular diseases. However, not all of these foods are suitable for eating. The consumption of peanuts in a certain group of people may bring harm to life. Therefore, there areSome people need to pay attention to these people, they are not suitable for eating peanuts.
So, which groups of people can’t eat peanuts?
  1.Gout Patients Gout is a group of diseases caused by metabolic disorders, and patients have hyperuricemia.
Because the high-fat diet will reduce uric acid excretion and aggravate the condition, peanuts should be fasted during the acute attack of gout, and the gout can only be eaten in moderation.
  2.Cholecystectomy Bile is important for the digestion and absorption of fat.
After eating, the gallbladder contracts, and the bile is discharged into the duodenum for digestion and absorption.
High-protein and high-fat foods are the most irritating to the gallbladder, causing large amounts of bile to be emitted.
After cholecystectomy, bile can not be stored, which will inevitably affect the digestion of fat in oil crops such as peanuts.
  3.Patients with gastric ulcer, chronic gastritis, chronic enteritis, such patients have chronic abdominal pain, diarrhea or indigestion and other symptoms, diet should be a small amount of meals, light and less oil.
Peanuts are nuts, protein and fat are too high to be digested and absorbed, and such patients should be fasted.
  4.People who want to lose weight Peanuts have high calorie and fat content. When you eat 100 grams of fried peanuts, you eat 581 kilocalories, which is equivalent to eating 275 grams of steamed bread, so people who want to lose weight should stay away from peanuts.
  5.Diabetic Patients Diabetic people need to control the total daily energy intake, so use no more than three tablespoons (30 grams) of cooking oil per day.
But 18 peanuts is equivalent to a spoonful of oil (10 grams), which can produce 90 kilocalories of heat.
  6.Unreasonable diet in patients with hyperlipoproteinemia is an important cause of hyperlipoproteinemia, so the principle of diet therapy is to limit calories and reduce the intake of saturated fatty acids and cholesterol.
Peanuts are high-fat, high-calorie foods. Eating more can only aggravate the condition, leading to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as coronary heart disease, which is life-threatening.
  7.Indigestion Peanuts contain a lot of fat, and those with spleen and stomach dysfunction such as enteritis and dysentery will aggravate the condition.
  8.Puffs and Puffs Peanuts contain a procoagulant factor.
After eating peanuts with bruises and stagnant blood stasis, blood stasis may be scattered and the symptoms of swelling and pain may be aggravated.
  9.Body cold and loose stools Peanuts are rich in oil, body cold and dampness and intestinal slippery discharge should not be taken.
  A healthy diet is very important. Peanuts are crispy, nutritious and cheap. They are snacks that both men and women like, but if you belong to the above nine species, peanuts are harmful to you.
  After the introduction of the above content, we know that peanuts are crispy, nutritious, and cheap. They are snacks that both men and women like, but if you belong to the above nine kinds, peanuts are harmful.
  People with high blood viscosity eat peanut red clothes to increase the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. “Peanut red clothes” should be eaten with caution when there is a problem, that is, “red peanuts.”
It is generally believed that the ingredients in the “red peanuts” are very beneficial to the human body.
It is true for most people. The specific information “Red skin is rich in glycerides and sterol esters, which inhibits the dissolution of fibrin, promotes the production of platelets by bone marrow, shortens the bleeding time, and improves the quality of platelets and strengthens the capillary.The absorption of blood vessels, regulation of clotting factor defects and other functions.
That is to say, “red peanuts” have the effect of enriching blood and promoting blood clotting, which is good for anemia and wound healing.
  But for people with high blood viscosity, it increases the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
Therefore, people with high blood viscosity should not eat “red peanuts”, it is best to peel off the skin when eating peanuts; if patients with anemia are high in blood viscosity, it is best to take other blood-reinforcing measures, such as eating blood tofu, etc.It is best for the elderly not to eat “red peanuts” to avoid thick blood.